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Monday November 11, 2019
6:00-7:00 pm

The Heartbeat of Streams

-Dr. Marie Kurz, The Academy of Natural Sciences

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Streams and rivers may seem like stable, enduring features of the landscape but within their flowing waters a complex array of biological and chemical processes are happening on the scale of tiny cells to entire watersheds. These processes are critical to preserving the water quality and ecological health of our streams, removing pollutants, creating oxygen, and supporting healthy food webs. Join Marie in exploring the chemical signals of streams and what they reveal about the complex array of processes that make up the hidden heartbeat of streams.

JuliaKnapp_HJAndrews-BWAbout the speaker: Dr. Marie Kurz is an eco-geochemist who studies the interactions between ecology and geochemistry in streams and watersheds. In addition to her research, she also works to support science-based conservation of our water resources. When Marie isn’t in the field dyeing streams green and taking late-night water samples, she serves as the Head of the Biogeochemistry Section at the Academy of Natural Sciences and as an Assistant Research Professor at Drexel University.