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Monday June 10, 2019

6:00-7:00 pm

Building Bio3Science: synthesizing biology, biography, and biosphere for human health and well-being

– Allison Hayes-Conroy

Bio3Science, highlights the inner-connectedness between human biography, biology, and the biosphere. Human biology emerges through the stories of individuals and their relations and ancestors, shaped not only by broad Talk Descrip Picgeographic and political patterns but also by the jumbled trajectories of billions of inter-mingled ecological and social lives. Health sciences are increasingly interested in how life experience (biography) influences human health, wellness, and disease. Allison Hayes-Conroy will present the theoretical, conceptual, and methodological work of her Bio3Science research collective (studio + network), which offers a paradigm-shifting approach to understanding how biographical aspects of human life come to matter to health.


About the Speaker: Allison Hayes-Conroy is an associate professor in Temple University’s Geography and Urban Studies Department. She is a human geographer with expertise in bodies, feelings, and lived experience, and interests in food, nutrition, health, and medicine. She pioneered the field of ‘visceral geography,’ which analyzes the relationship between the human body and the spaces and environments around and within it.