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 What’s on tap: September 14, 2015

Dracula, Tequila, and Fungus

A night about bats

silver-hairedThe mammalian order Chiroptera means “hand wing” and contains over 1200 species of bats. Bats inhabit every continent except Antarctica and fill countless niches in the many habitats they call home. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest “bumblebee bat” to the largest “flying fox.” They are important for both local ecology and human economics, being an important crop pest consumer and pollinator of the agave plant, from which we derive tequila. Unfortunately, bats throughout the world are under threat from pressures like deforestation and emerging diseases like white-nose syndrome. Sarah Bouboulis will discuss all these topics and more about our favorite friends of the night.

sarahbouboulis image Sept 2015

Sarah Bouboulis started studying bats in 2008 with an undergraduate research project involving bats and wind turbines. She earned her master’s degree at Bucknell University studying the emerging fungal disease, white-nose syndrome. Sarah also spent three months in South Sudan studying the biodiversity of bats and other small mammals. She continued working with bats with the Delaware Fish and Wildlife-Bat Program and US Fish and Wildlife Service. She now works for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary as a science planner. While she no longer work directly with her favorite creatures, PDE works for cleaner water throughout the region, which is certainly good for bats.

September’s Science on Tap is hosted by the American Philosophical Society.

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