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National Mechanics
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July 10, 2017

Digital gaming and science education:
An innovative partnership in a digital era

IMG_9270Mobile games or ‘apps’ are a permanent fixture within the daily lives of digital natives. However, they also provide a promising medium for learning of complex content such as concepts in biomedical sciences. Carla Brown, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Drexel University College of Medicine is researching the use of digital games for science education. After completing her PhD in microbiology at University of Glasgow, Dr. Brown began investigating the use of mobile games for educating students on antibiotic resistance. This work inspired her to launch science game company Game Dr. and, to date, she has designed 5 educational games that cover different concepts in microbiology. In this exciting and enlightening talk, Dr. Brown will discuss the potential for digital games in science education, explore the creative partnerships required for this process and touch upon her current research at Drexel University.

About Dr. Carla Brown: Dr. Brown is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Drexel University College of Medicine. She received her PhD in microbiology at University of Glasgow, Scotland. Her research focused on the development of novel protein antibiotics from gut bacteria to treat chronic bacteria-associated conditions including Crohn’s disease. However, during her PhD she identified a need for alternative resources to teach on antibiotic resistance and designed a digital gaming app, Bacteria Combat. Through this project Carla gained unique skills in scientific game design and went on to launch a game production company in Scotland called Game Dr. Her research at Drexel College of Medicine focuses on the development of digital games for higher biomedical science education including casual mobile game, CD4 HunterTM.

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