THANKS to all who joined us for the program! Check back here in 2018 to see what we’ve cooked up for next year’s Science Festival.

Science on Tap Un-Tapped:
Scientific Malarkey!

Monday, April 24, 2017
6 to 8 pm
National Mechanics

malarkey1-600x399Join us for a special PSF Science on Tap that will explore debunked theories that were once accepted as reality in the scientific world. Five speakers will dive into beliefs that clouded scientific reasoning throughout history, from physiognomy to bloodletting to theories of evolution. Between these flash-talks, you can rate the most outrageous stories, question reality, and raise a glass to the all too human response of accepting things at face value.

As with all of our Science on Tap presentations, there will be good food, drink, and company, so we hope to see you there!

And be sure to check out the Science Festival website for a list of the many amazing science-related events happening during the event, including many at Science on Tap partner institutions.