November 12, 2012
“Winging It in Mongolia”
Stephen Mason, The Academy of Natural Sciences

October 8, 2012
“The Science of Vampires”
Kathy Haas, Assistant Curator at the Rosenbach Museum & Library

Everybody knows about Dracula, but did you know that his creator, Bram Stoker, had a degree in mathematics and that several of his brothers were doctors?  Science, technology, and medicine permeate the novel and Kathy Haas, assistant curator at the Rosenbach Museum & Library, will explore the tension between science and superstition in this classic tale of terror. The talk will include a look at images of Stoker’s working notes for Dracula (owned by the Rosenbach) including material from his brother, William Thornley Stoker, a noted surgeon.  Anna Dhody, curator of the Mütter Museum, will also offer a look at medical conditions that may have inspired tales of vampirism.

Kathy Haas is the assistant curator at the Rosenbach Museum & Library, which preserves Bram Stoker’s working notes for Dracula. She has curated several exhibitions on Dracula for the Rosenbach.

September 10, 2012
“Alien Invasion: Invasive Species in Our Oceans”
Amy Karpati, Assistant Professor of Biology, Temple University

July 9, 2012
“Flash! A Quick History of Photography in Motion”
Jane E. Boyd, Independent Curator

June 11, 2012
“Do-It-Yourself Evolution: A Historian’s Guide to Amateur Plant Breeding”
Helen Anne Curry, Visiting Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation

May 14, 2012
“The Science and Magic of Fairy Tale Birth”
Linda J. Lee, Graduate Program in Folklore and Folklife, University of Pennsylvania

April 23, 2012
Science on Tap QUIZZO!
Part of the Philadelphia Science Festival

April 2, 2012 
“Mongolian Fish Hunt”
Mark Sabaj Pérez, Ichthyology Collection Manager at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

March 12, 2012
“Tiny Conspiracies: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria”
Bonnie Bassler, Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology, Princeton University

February 13, 2012
“Violence in the Laboratory: How Science Changed War and War Changed Science”
M. Susan Lindee, Professor and Associate Dean for the Social Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

January 9, 2012
“When Good Drugs Go Bad”
Antoinette Thwaites, Forensic Chemist, Philadelphia Police Department